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PRIMEDIA Healthcare enables our partners to build and educate a community of practitioners in a comprehensive and convenient manner. By managing the healthcare services, technology and infrastructure needed to provide superior medical education, we allow our partners to address the most relevant aspects of patient care, as presented to the provider in their day-to-day practice. PRIMEDIA Healthcare’s collaborative and innovative approach to medical education and CNA Training Classes is the gold standard in postgraduate provider education and clinical competency development.

Continuing Medical Education Online

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is a common and tenured practice within institutionalized medical fields. Medical professionals periodically meet with peers and/or instructors to review medical advancements, discuss changes to previous protocol and share thier experiences in the interest of continued learning. In many areas of practice, CME is a requirement to maintain a practitioner's license.

CME online provides individuals the opportunity to take and in some cases earn medical certifications online. This is the preferred method for many medical practioners who have these requirements or do so in order to retain their aptitude in their field of practice as well as acquire current and/or innovative approaches within their field.

For the most part, online CME is done at the pace of the individual and can be helpful for those who are currently working full time. The practioner just needs access to a computer and the internet.

CE and online certifications can be obtained for the following: ACLS, BLS, CPR, EMS & PALS. Check out our CE Categories page for further detail on each.